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October 26, 2009

A Review Of Swn. Friday.

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It’s 4pm on Friday and I’ve been let out of work early! Tonight will be spent mostly in Ifor Bach, owing to laziness as much as the schedule, and after grabbing a quick pint or two the first band on is Exit International. Imagine Future Of The Left, with 2 bassists and less imaginative lyrics and you won’t be very far away from what we have here. I don’t want to sound harsh because I did quite enjoy the set, but it’s difficult to see them growing from the clichéd warm up band with more people at the bar than at the front into anything more substantial without a touch more invention and flair. Classic rock poses from bassist #2 though. For the first time of the weekend it’s time for a mid evening change of venue as I make the short transfer down the road to the delightful Barfly, which I’m amazed to discover has a new floor and a proper stage nowadays, as well as draught Red Stripe (no sign of the recession in this smelly basement). The less said about Envy’s 15 minute set the better, but Liverpool’s Soft Toy Emergency prove an unexpected treat, with their female fronted 80s pop rock, which reminds me of something I can’t quite put my finger on until someone mentions Roxette… There are some very decent songs here though, and these guys may soon find themselves enjoying bigger and better things.

With my Barfly interlude over, and my friends’ Pizza Express tea demolished (they had vouchers and everything!) it’s back to the Welsh Club for Johnny Foreigner. With a new album out I’m looking forward to hearing some new songs and they don’t disappoint, mixing very promising newies with raucous versions of now classics (in my eyes/ears) such as ‘Eyes Wide Terrified’ and ‘Salt, Pepa and Spinderella’. Bassist Kelly makes her customary attempt at crowd interaction with the usual awkward but endearing questions about the latest releases at the cinema, but in general this is a much better JoFo audience than I’ve been in before and the set races along, but finishes just in time to dash downstairs. Awaiting us there are Pulled Apart By Horses, and about hundred people too many for the packed downstairs room with it’s inconvenient pillars and strangely placed steps. Eventually I squeeze into a spot on one of the aforementioned steps and get the perfect view of their quite fantastic massive rock tunes, as well as their traditional naked torsos. Another band who can’t stand still, they somehow manage to find room in the crowd to play their instruments and everyone is left sweaty, bruised and ecstatic, not to mention covered in vomit, by the end of what seems like an all too brief set, although it’s probably being going on for hours for all I know in my frazzled state.

After such an enjoyable evening something had to go wrong, and sure enough we face the first disappointments of the weekend as attempts to get into both Girls and Silver Gospel Runners at the tiny Fuwch Goch (red cow) and Dempseys respectively are foiled by a one in, one out queue and some ill-judged scheduling. The Model Inn is also boasting a large snaking line emanating from it’s front door, so we decide to abandon the live bands for the night and enjoy the DJ’s at the Welsh Club (which is also full almost to capacity). Some incredible indie-discoing and many mixed drinks later and it’s bedtime at something past 4.


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